Monday, August 20, 2012

Food explorer has gone to ohio

It's been a few days since my last update...anyway food explorer has gone to Ohio for a journey of a crazy food exploration. But first thing first I am going to do a little update on the last few updates I had for Seattle.

Szechuan chef, was was disappointing when I brought my friend there because the things that we would like to order were mostly not available despite the close to empty restaurant at dinner time...because i used to come here often and they are really crowded...I heard from my friend that the owner changes occasionally so I am not really sure whether that was the reason behind the lack of service. But I still have not given up hope on this restaurant so I hope I had something better the next time around when I come.

Ikiiki, I am not sure whether you remember about ikiiki when I mentioned a few posts back that I am going to try them out again to see if their business was quite most of the time or was it because the time that I came was not the peak hour...I did came on a later afternoon it had more people than when I first came to ikiiki so I assume their business is doing well...I tried their fried ice cream and it was just ok...I hope they could add some more chocolate syrup on there to make it taste even better...

Ho Soon Yi, a restaurant in is located on a small strip mall...service was really great...I was there alone but they still serve me great selection of side dishes unlike some other places when they knew that you are eating alone they do not give you as much side dishes...excellent service. I will recommend this place to my friend definitely.

I forgot this bakery name, haha but it is located in Bellevue and it is super expensive because the cake is too small for the price I pay...but the quality that I paid for is well worth...the macaroons is too sweet for me...may not order the macaroons again the next time around when I am here...

New chopsticks, is in Ohio at a quite strip mall...many people mostly had it to go...this place is a hidden gem..the good thing about them is that they have 2 separate menu: an English menu and a chinese menu. And I always select the Chinese because the taste of the food is closest to what we Chinese had back at home.

Lily's Asian cuisine, is in Ohio. They have a large selection of menu from Japanese, Singapore, Indonesian ad probably some other things. I think the owner is Indonesian if I am not and sis had soto betawi and the fried chicken and my sis said the fried chicken is too dry and I feel that the soto betawi was ok. I even like the fried chicken more than the soto betawi.

Hope you guyz enjoy reading my blog and leave me a comment too in ways that I can improve.

Signing off,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sushi moto

I decided to go sushi moto because I haven't been there for a really long time...I forgot how the sushi even tasted when i came the other time...but today I called for their mackerel fish and it is cook perfectly, I like it...I think I have to come back again to try their sushi...


Friday, August 10, 2012


Haven't been to this place for quite I brought my friend here for her birthday...I had the pasta carbonara and my friend had the Italian friend got a complimentary cheesecake dessert and we ordered another creme brûlée, yummy!!!..I love this place...they open nice is that...great food, great dessert and great service.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ikiiki, Din tai fung & Regent bakery

Today I decided to try a variety, I went to ikiiki this afternoon and was surprise by the quietness of the place despite getting a really delicious cherry blossom ad sunshine sushi. I decided to give them a survey by going there at different times to see if that's really the case.

For dinner I brought my friend to Din Tai Fung at Bellevue, I was so thankful that we only have to wait for 10min. We had dumplings, wontons, buns, fried rice and shave ice yum!! We enjoyed our dinner.

And then we decided to go to regent bakery to get a couple of breads for the next morning but we stumbled upon various gorgeous pieces of cake that I couldn't resist buying them. And so I bought black forest cake and a fruit it!! I came here often;)) cakes are not too sweet and it is not dry on the mouth as well.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

San fernando roasted chicken

I came here for my 2nd try because I love their chicken friend rice and I also even had their roasted chicken when I first went there with my friend. It's really nice and they are hidden on the side of a small strip mall. I didn't even know this place existed until my friend brought me here. This is my first Peruvian cuisine experience and I like it.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Mekong village

I have been craving for some spicy noodles and I decided to go to Mekong village and try out their spicy beef noodle soup, it is not spicy at all but I like my overall experience. The last time I came here was with my friend because she told me that she went there often so today I went there for my 2nd try and I am liking it but the pig knuckles still scares me a little. It is hard to pick a favorite especially when there are a lot of other Vietnamese restaurant out there but I have to say that Mekong Village will not disappoint. Their service was great because based on experience service goes a long way.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Family pancake house and waroeng jajanan

It was my first time trying the family pancake house. I had bob's special, it was nice but I had something better at other places however, this is a nice place to hang out with family or friends on a Sunday morning.

I went to waroeng jajanan again today. For those who may not know what this place is, is actually an Indonesian grocery stores which caries food that is ready to go and you can just heat it up and eat them right away. This place is as close to home anyone could rather be. Amazing selection of food. Highly recommend.